What's So Special About the UB Moline Propane Special?
Classic Farm Tractors
My Dad and his brothers bought this
tractor brand new in 1955.  They used
it in their farming operations.  It was
the biggest horse they owned.

One day, my brother, Gary, our hired
hand, also named Gary, and I were
working in the field, my brother running
this tractor, and my hired hand and I
were working on an implement behind

As frequently happens in Colorado, a
thunderstorm came across the Rocky
Mountains.  Unconcerned with the
impending storm, we continued to work
with thunder and lightening closing in.  
In a split second, lightning hit close
enough for my brother to feel it
through the steering wheel while sitting
on the tractor - I fell to my knees, and
the hired hand fell to the ground.

Needless to say, we immediately
stopped what we were doing and made
a bee-line to the pickup!

This tractor has been a part of my
farming operations ever since.  I've
used it to lay nuflex, burn weeds, and
even when she was no longer in use,
we put her in a tractor pull and she
pulled well.

She's not the prettiest tractor in our
fleet, but we sure think alot of this old
Preserving The Past For The Future
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