Carol's Grandpa Fred's 1936 John Deere A
Classic Farm Tractors
My grandfather, Fred Weidenkeller,
was given this 1936 A John Deere
tricycle front used from a farmer in
Grover, Colorado about 1949 or 1950.  
My dad remembers bringing the tractor
home in the dead of winter.  It was cold
that night so he and his dad took turns
driving it back to their farm at Gill.

The tractor originally came with a front
end manure loader with full hydraulic
power - a pump hooked into the
magneto which was quite high tech at
that time.  

Grandpa sold the loader off and used
the tractor for plowing, harrowing, and
floating.  He was a corn, hay, and
alfalfa farmer.

Grandpa would pass this tractor down
to my father who owned a small
acreage, sod farm, and worked as a
general contractor.  My mother,
Dorothy, claimed the "Johnny Popper"
was hers.  She always commented
about how she loved the sound of the

When I married Stan who was a
farmer, Dad chose to pass the tractor
to me as a keepsake for the family
instead of passing it to the older
sisters whose spouses were not

This tractor will be going to my
daughter, Jackie, at the request of
Dad to remember her grandmother by.

Grandpa's tractor sat in our shed for
many years, until 2011 when we finally
had a chance to restore it.

Thanks to Landon, my nephew, for
getting the mechanical side back up
and running and to Chris who is the
best painter! Stan and I each have a
restored and operating tractor from
our grandparents.

For those of you that know me well,
here is a little side note - we were
getting ready to display the A at the
Colorado Farm Show January 24-26,
2012 at Island Grove Park in Greeley,
Colorado. I decided it was time for me
to try turning the flywheel and starting
the tractor on my own. With Stan and
our friend Rick watching, I opened the
throttle half way, opened the fuel valve
at the sediment bowl, made sure the
clutch was disengaged and that the
tractor was not in gear, opened both
petcocks, opened the choke halfway,
pulled on the flywheel until it began
hissing (yeah I know, this is a girl's
ways of describing starting a tractor)
and then I pulled with everything I had
on the flywheel. It took me about a half
dozen pulls, and then she started to
life! The look on my husband and
Rick's face was priceless! I think I
surprised everyone - for sure I
surprised myself! I think Mom (who
passed away many years ago) must
have been helping me pull the flywheel.

I immediately called Dad and my
friend, Steve, so they could hear the
tractor and of course, I had to tell him I
started it on my own!

I let Dad know it was going to be on
display at the Farm Show. Dad took
the journey up from Brighton, Colorado
to see the tractor for the first time
since it had been restored. He knew
right away that I had added fenders
and that the clutch lever was changed
back to original but thought the tractor
was restored beautifully.

I am including a picture of my Dad and
me at the Colorado Farm Show with
the family tractor.

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